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This article is part of the State Status and News series related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


I would like to get the word out that many states have filed lawsuits against the federal government. Wyoming, at least yet, is not one of them. To encourage our state to join the others who have taken legal action against the federal government's passage of the health care bill, I would like to request that the free citizens of the sovereign state of Wyoming call the attorney general to request that Wyoming file a lawsuit against the federal government on the basis that the health care bill that the Congress has passed is forcing us to engage in interstate commerce which is against the Constitution of the United States.

Article 1, Section 9 and Clause 6 of the Constitution states, “No preference shall be given by any regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of one state over those of another: nor shall vessels bound to, and from, one state, be obliged to enter, clear, or pay duties in another.”

On this basis Wyoming needs to take action and exempt itself from the health care bill. Wyoming, because it is a sovereign state, should never relinquish its sovereignty to a strong central government nor allow any of its rights to be taken by a move to establish such a government, which is what the health care bill is.

Now, the responsibility of the free citizens of Wyoming is to call the attorney general, request that he file a lawsuit based on these grievances, call the governor with the same request, and call the state representative and senators to tell them to support this move.


Leach, Andrew. Letter To Editor of Casper Star-Tribune. April 6, 2010. Available online as of 2010-04-06.

Two Cheyenne residents have started a petition urging Wyoming to join 20 states in suing to block federal health care reform.

The petition by M. Lee Hasenauer and Frank Smith also calls for the Wyoming Legislature to take up the matter in a special session.

Gov. Dave Freudenthal has said the state won’t join 20 other states in a lawsuit challenging health care reform in court, and the legislature’s joint resolution to amend the Wyoming Constitution failed earlier this year. The resolution would have blocked the federal government from interfering with an individual’s health-care decisions.

Hasenauer and Smith collected 60 signatures over two days.

Associated Press. “Residents petition for health care lawsuit”. Gillette News-Record (Wyoming). April 24, 2010. Available online as of 2010-04-25.