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This article is part of the State Status and News series related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The Republican-controlled Florida Senate defeated a Democratic attempt Thursday to halt Attorney General Bill McCollum's lawsuit challenging the federal health care overhaul.

Democrats tried to amend that provision onto a bill limiting legal fees paid to outside lawyers hired by the attorney general's office. The Senate then passed the bill, a top priority of McCollum's, and sent it to Gov. Charlie Crist's desk.


McCollum filed a federal lawsuit over the health care overhaul in Pensacola immediately after President Barack Obama signed it into law Tuesday. At least a dozen attorneys general from other states have joined the suit.


[State Senator Carey] Baker is sponsoring a proposed state constitutional amendment (SJR 72) that would allow Floridians to opt out of the insurance requirement, but it hasn't yet had a floor vote.


McCollum has hired an outside law firm where he once worked, Baker & Hostetler, to handle the health care challenge.

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The state's House Rules & Calendar Council passed legislation today providing Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum greater authority to bring legal action against the Health Care Reform bill signed into law by President Obama as an unconstitutional mandate on states and individuals.


Legal scholars question the constitutionality of federally-mandated healthcare while budget analysts worry that hundreds of millions of dollars in additional Medicaid costs would bankrupt Florida. According to a recent Pew Center of the States report, Medicaid already costs states $335 billion or 21 percent of all state expenditures.

A total of six states have now committed to join the original 13 states that filed the lawsuit on March 23, 2010.

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