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Docket Item 11

Filed on 1-Apr-2010, docket item 11 in the matter of Sollars v. Reid et al. is the Plaintiff's Reply to Defendants' Motion to Dismiss. Through his reply, the Plaintiff stipulates to dismissal of the case but seeks dismissal without prejudice.


The original document is archived and a transcript appears below.


Plaintiff has read Defendant’s nearly 50 pages of reasons for Motion to Dismiss. There seems to be a glaring omission Attorney Frankel’s Motion. Plaintiff can’t find anywhere that one of the reasons to Dismiss is because the Defendants are innocent. Plaintiff believes that they are guilty, and that they are major players in the most corrupt Congress in the last 70 years, (Plaintiff’s lifetime), if not in the entire history of Congress since 1791. Plaintiff believes that Defendants will get their own justice in the Court of Public Opinion and in their next Elections. Plaintiff does believe in, and has faith in, the legal and justice system, which is in full effect and operation in these United States. There have now been at least 17 States who joined the battle against this horrendous government (forceful) takeover of healthcare, by illegal and unconstitutional acts and methods performed by members of this Congress and the White House. Because these 17 State have filed lawsuits in Federal Courts to have this new law overturned, Plaintiff has decided to leave the battle to them.

Plaintiff does not agree with Defendants reasons to Dismiss, but Plaintiff hereby withdraws his Complaint, Civil No. 1:09-CV-361-TS, and agrees to Dismissal. Plaintiff requests this Court to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Complaint without Prejudice.